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Christina Pelland - photographer of love & life adventures

Welcome - I am so glad you found your way here! A little bit about me…

plants, animals, travel

These are my three top things in life that really inspire my photography! PLANTS - I LOVE being a plant mom and if you ask me to photograph you in a greenhouse…I am so there! You can usually find me scrolling through amazon looking for plant books to add to my collection. ANIMALS - I’ve realized over the years that animals will just always be a huge part of my life. I now have two amazing little critters that fulfill my soul with their cuteness and love. You are ALWAYS welcome to bring your furry friends to your photo sessions - I highly encourage it! TRAVEL - whether its a trip across a few states or a daily hike - theres nothing like being outside in the fresh air. I love to discover new places for myself and find hidden spots for my client sessions. I feel so lucky to have traveled so much over the past few years for photography - I am always down for an adventure!

Photography is life

My background in photography started 10 years ago at Hallmark Institute of Photography learning the basic tools and business skills I needed to launch my career in photography. I have experience in all types of photography but found myself drawn to capturing the milestones and important life moments. My style is a mix of documentary and natural poses. Really I just want to have fun during our sessions and bring out the best in you. Having the end result be quality timeless images to have for a lifetime. Quality and longevity of your sessions is very important to me - so I use the best and most reliable equipment to insure that.

Lets meet!

Now that you’ve read a little bit of me and my photography I would LOVE to meet you! Coffee, Tea, Drinks? Lets chat about your dream session!